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When addressing your tax issues, there are a variety of options for attaining tax resolution. Choosing the right solution is dependent on a number of issues concerning your personal finances. When you contact Tax Matters Representation, our team of professionals will review your financial situation in order to determine which of these options is the best for you, and we will help you get started on filing the necessary paperwork and supporting documentation to get you on the road to back taxes debt relief.


An offer in compromise allows you to find tax debt relief by negotiating a tax settlement permitting you to pay less than the amount you actually owe. In many cases, the back tax specialists at Tax Matters Representation can negotiate with the tax officials on your behalf, resulting in a settlement that allows you to pay mere pennies on the dollar toward your tax debt. We can determine whether or not you qualify for an offer in compromise and will help you create the strongest possible case in your favor to present to the tax authorities.


Did you know that the penalties for unfiled or delinquent taxes can add up to almost 50% of the total debt owed? If you are struggling to keep up with escalating penalties and fees, Tax Matters Representation, can help. Our professional tax consultants will review your case in order to assess your eligibility for penalty abatement. Some reasons for qualification include:

Death in the family • Unavoidable absence (prison, hospitalization, etc.) • Destruction of tax records due to disaster

If we determine that you are eligible, our tax experts will help you compile the necessary evidence to support your case.


Many spouses file joint tax returns for their ease and simplicity. Unfortunately, the convenience of joint filing is lost when a back tax problem emerges. In most cases, both spouses are held equally responsible for the full tax debt unless mitigating circumstances can be proven. If you feel that you are being unfairly held liable for the actions of your spouse, contact Tax Matters Representation, to see about filing an innocent spouse relief claim. If you qualify, our team of professionals will help you assemble a case that may absolve you of part or all of the outstanding tax debt.


When you have an outstanding tax debt, the federal government is allowed to make automatic deductions from your paycheck in order to cover the amount owed. For those who are already experiencing financial strife due to back taxes problems, wage garnishment can be devastating. If you have received a wage garnishment order, don't panic. Tax Matters Representation is available for immediate and comprehensive tax relief. Our experienced tax consultants will provide you with IRS assistance, negotiating with the tax authorities so that you can receive your entire paycheck in full, while determining a satisfactory plan for debt repayment.


When you need tax debt relief, it is typically unfeasible to pay off your outstanding tax debt in a single payment. At Tax Matters, we can help you negotiate a payment plan with the tax authorities, based on your income and financial needs, that will satisfy all involved. Even if you don't qualify for any of the other tax settlement options.

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